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Festivals and events in Autumn

Fall is the season of good harvests and the best season for us to enjoy delicious food. The color of the leaves change to beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange.

Tome Industrial Fair Tome Industrial Fair (Toyoma)

We have many exhibits at the fair, as well as a large assortment of local produce for sale.

Many of the goods for sale are produced using high techniques or traditional skills.

You can also enjoy sample of local beef and there are several events devoted to woodwork and sculpting.

October 13, 14
Enjoy a nature walk while collecting wild Maitake mushrooms Enjoy a nature walk while collecting wild Maitake mushrooms (Towa)

Instructors will accompany visitors and assist in the selection of mushrooms.

October 6
Nakada Fall Festival Nakada Fall Festival (Nakada)

Visitors can see the exhibits of chrysanthemums and performances of traditional folk arts by the local people. A lot of local agricultural products are for sale to visitors. The festival is held at Fureai Park.

Toyoma Fall Festival Toyoma Fall Festival (Toyoma)

The festival has a long history, and is held on the third and fourth day of September each year.

People come to the downtown to join the parade of traditional dancing. Visitors can watch the many floats in the parades. Some people also carry portable shrines through the streets.

Akibasan Shrine Festival Akibasan Shrine Festival (Toyosato)

According to legend, this shrine provides protection from fires. Local people parade through the streets carrying portable shrines wishing for a good crop. Some people throw water on the portable shrines and the people carrying them to wish for a good crop and happiness for all.

September 23
Kappa Half Marathon Kappa Half Marathon (Toyoma)

Many runners come from all around Japan to run along the Kitakami River, which is officially recognized course approved by the Japan Athletic Association.

The running course is flat offers a fine view running along the river. Anyone in good health can join the marathon. There are eleven divisions for the marathon, the shortest one is.

Guide to fall festivals and events
  • September 9 / Naganuma Regatta (Hasama)
  • September 15 / Uwanuma Hachiman Jinja Fall Festival (Nakada)
  • September 15, 16 / Toyoma Fall Festival
  • September 16 / Tsunakinosato Daimyo Gyoretsu (traditional parade in which residents don old Samurai costumes)(Towa)
  • September 23 / Akibasan Shrine Festival (Toyosato)

  • October 6 / Nature walk to collect wild Maitake mushrooms (Towa)
  • October 7 / Mamekarasan Festival (Toyosato)
  • October 12, 13 / Yanaizu Kokuzoson Taisai (temple festival) (Tsuyama)
  • October 13, 14 / Tome Industrial Fair (Toyoma)
  • October 14 / Mokumoku Land Mochitsuki Taikai (rice cake making event) (Tsuyama)
  • September 21 / Fall Flea Market (Hasama)
  • October 28 / Mokumoku Land Fall Festival (Tsuyama)
  • October 27, 28 / Yokoyama Fudoson Taisai (temple festival)(Tsuyama)
  • The end of October / Cosmos Festival (Yoneyama)
  • The end of October / Ringogari (apple-picking)(Towa, Nakada)

  • November 3 / Towa Fall Festival (Towa)
  • November 3, 4 / Togenosato Fall Fair (Towa)
  • November 3, 4 / Nakada Fall Festival (Nakada)
  • November 3, 4 / Minamikata Fall Festival (Minamikata)
  • November 4 / Marugoto Ishikoshi Fall Festival
  • November 10, 11 / Jusanko Fall Festival in Mori (Hasama)
  • Mid November / Sanuma Tagaichi (a local flea market) (Hasama)
  • November 25 / Miyagi Nagamochiuta National Contest (Minamikata)
    Nagamochiuta is a traditional Japanese folk song which has long been sung at weddings in this area. People from not just Miyagi, but all over Japan, come to Minamikata and compete for the championship.
  • November 25 / Miyagi Kitakami Renpo Kappa Half Marathon (Toyoma)
  • Mid November / Swans migrate to Izunuma, Uchinuma from Siberia (Hasama)

Please note that these festivals and events may be cancelled due to inclement weather or emergencies.
For more information, please contact the tourist information department at Tome City Hall.

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