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Tome City is located about 500 kilometers (km) north of Tokyo, and lies in the northeast of Miyagi Prefecture. Tome City is bordered by the areas of Kurihara in the west, Ishinomaki and Osaki in the south and, Motoyoshi in the east. The northern bordered of Tome is shared with Iwate Prefecture.

The total area of Tome is 536.38 kilometers squared (km2), and covers approximately 7.36 percent of the total area of Miyagi Prefecture. The Central Business District (CBD) of the city is Hasama. It is located about 70km from Sendai (the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture), 25km from Osaki City and about 30km from both Ishinomaki City and Ichinoseki City (Iwate Prefecture).

Miyagi Prefecture

The western and north-east areas of the city are mountainous. A vast plain stretches through the center of the region which is primarily used for growing rice. The soil here is rich in nutrients and is famous for producing two types of rice called Sasanishiki and Hitomebore.

The Hasama River and Natsu River run through the region from north-east to south-west. They intersect at with the Kitakami River which runs through from the north to the south in the eastern part of the city. These rivers have proved a great advantage to the city for many years for daily activities, farming and industry.

In the east of the city there are famous wetlands called Izunuma and Uchinuma. These were designated as important wetlands at The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, which was held in Iran in 1971. The convention laid out a framework for "national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources". Swans and wild geese from as far as Siberia settle in these areas in the winter as part of their annual migration. In addition to this there is another wetland in the southern part of the city called Byodonuma which is home to flowering cherry blossom trees in the spring and lotus flowers in the summer. Thus, for these reasons the city is often called "The Home of the Wetlands".


The climate of Tome City is warm in summer and mild in winter. The yearly average temperature in 2000 was approximately 11.7 degrees Celsius. In 2000 The registered rainfall was 1,020millimetres (mm) with most falling in the summer months and limited rainfall in the winter. Unlike in other parts of northern Japan, there are few snowstorms in the winter. On average there are a few isolated days with snowfalls, with the snow quickly melting on the ground afterwards. Thus Tome City is an ideal place for anyone to live.

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Tome City Emblem PageTop
Emblem TO,ME,SHI meaning Tome City

Tome City officials organized a contest where they invited Japanese citizens to design a new emblem for the city. There were over 720 entries submitted. Mr. Shigekazu Fukushima from Izumi City, Osaka, was chosen as the winner.

The meaning of his design

Three letters in the picture on the right are pronounced "TO", "ME", "SHI" meaning Tome City.
The emblem in the picture on the left was designed using the first letter "TO", and images help to convey thoughts of a lively town with citizens that look towards the future.

The Reason for the Selection of the Design

The selection committee applauded Mr. Fukawa's design as simple and fresh in character. The committee members also valued the fact that the design matches the image they had of Tome City.

The Results of the Competition
First Place
  • Mr. Shigekazu Fukawa   Izumi City, Osaka
Honorable mentions
  • Mr. Akira Ebina   Shizuoka City, Shizuoka
  • Mr. Tsuneharu Hama   Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
  • Mr. Yasuhiko Abe   Tome City, Miyagi
  • Mr. Yoshinobu Mizukubo   Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki

Use of the emblem

The emblem and its image belong to Tome City. The emblem is a symbol of Tome City and is used widely at various official events, ceremonies and on official printed materials.
It is possible to use the emblem with the special permission from the mayor of Tome. The following terms and conditions govern the use of the emblem to ensure that it is used properly and appropriately.

Term and conditions

  1. An application form requesting the use of the emblem must be submitted to the mayor of Tome. The form's contents will then be checked by city officials and if it is deemed appropriate permission will be granted. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
  2. It is prohibited to use the emblem for private use or for the purpose of profit-making.
  3. When permission to use the emblem has been granted, special care must be taken to ensure the emblem's proper design and colors are retained.

Access to Tome City PageTop
By car (to the city hall)

Tohoku Expressway

  • About 30 minutes from Wakayanagi-Kannari Interchange
  • About 30 minutes from Tsukidate Interchange
  • About 40 minutes from Furukawa Interchange

Sanriku Expressway

  • About 60 minutes from Kahoku Interchange
  • About 60 minutes from Matsushima Kita(North) Interchange

By JR Line (trains)

Tohoku Sinkansen (bullet train)

  • About 25 minutes by car from Kurikomakogen Station
  • Tokyo Station -> Kurikomakogen Station(2 hours and 30 minutes)
  • Sendai Station -> Kurikomakogen Station(26 minutes)
  • Morioka Station -> Kurikomakogen Station(54 minutes)

Tohoku Line (local trains)

  • Sendai Station -> Ishikoshi Station(80 minutes)
  • Sendai Station -> Nitta Station(75 minutes)
  • Sendai Station -> Umegasawa Station(70 minutes)
  • Sendai Station -> Semine Station(65 minutes)
  • Sendai Station -> Kogota Station(45 minutes)

Kesennuma Line (local trains)

  • Kogota Station -> Rikuzen Yokoyama Station (55 minutes)
  • Kogota Station -> Yanaizu Station (45 minutes)
  • Kogota Station -> Midoh Station (40 minutes)
  • Kogota Station -> Rikuzen Toyosato (35 minutes)

Expressway Bus

Via Tohoku Expressway

  • Sendai Station -> Tome City Hall (1 hour and 35 minutes) (with stops in Wakayanagi)

Via Sanriku Expressway

  • Sendai Station -> Tome City Hall Toyoma Branch Office (1 hour and 37 minutes) (with stops at Kahoku, Yanaizu)

* The bus services are run by Higashi Nihon Expressway Bus Company and Miyakoh Tome Bus Company.
* Bus stops stand in front of Sakurano Department Store which is located near Sedai Station

To the official homepage of Higashi Nihon Expressway Bus Co. Ltd. (bus service schedule)

To the official homepage of Miyakoh Tome Bus Co. Ltd (bus service schedule)

Access Map

Tome City Government Offices PageTop
Tome City Government Offices Map
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1 Hasama Branch Office
2 Toyoma Branch Office Waterworks Bureau
3 Towa Branch Office
4 Nakada Branch Office
5 Toyosato Branch Office
6 Yoneyama Branch Office
7 Ishikoshi Branch Office
8 Minamikata Office
Minamikata Branch Office
9 Tsuyama Branch Office
10 Nitta Office
11 Maiya Office
12 Nishikiori Office
13 Yokoyama Office

Office Address
Hasama Branch Office 2-6-1, Nakae, Aza, Sanuma, Hasama-Cho, Tome City, 987-0511
Toyoma Branch Office
Waterworks Bureau
381-1, Migomachii, Teraike, Toyoma-Machi, Tome City, 987- 0702
Towa Branch Office 55-1, Rokutan, Yonekawa, Towa-Cho, Tome City, 987-0901
Nakada Branch Office 18, Nishi Sakuraba, Uwanuma, Nakada-Cho, Tome City, 987-0602
Toyosato Branch Office 130-1, Kanmachiura, Toyosato-Cho, Tome City, 987-0362
Yoneyama Branch Office 181, Matoba, Nishino, Yoneyama-Cho, Tome City, 987-0321
Ishikoshi Branch Office 81, Atago, Nango, Ishikoshi-Machi, Tome City, 989-4703
Minamikata Office
Minamikata Branch Office
130, Shintakaishiura, Minamikata-Machi, Tome City, 987-0401
Tsuyama Branch Office 218, Honcho, Yanaizu, Tsuyama-Cho, Tome City, 986-0401
Nitta Office 65, Otomo, Nitta, Hasama-Cho, Tome City, 989-4601
Maiya Office 75, Zenka, Maiya, Towa-Cho, Tome City, 987-0902
Nishikiori Office 15-3, Raijinyama, Nishikiori, Towa-Cho, Tome City, 987-0903
Yokoyama Office 24, Honncho, Yokoyama, Tsuyama-Cho, Tome City, 986-0402
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