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Izunuma/Uchinuma (Hasama)(beautiful natural marshes)

Swans fly to Izunuma and Uchinuma from Siberia every winter. Wildlife around the marshes is protected carefully by local residents. You can find many indigenous plants here.

Tome City Sanctuary Center Tome City Sanctuary Center

Business hours: 9:00 to 16:30
Close: Mondays (or the following day if the Monday is a public holiday)
Admission Fee: Free
Naganuma Futopia Park (Hasama) PageTop
Naganuma Futopia Park

A big Dutch-style windmill called Hakucho (swan), the symbol of the park, stands in the center of the park. Here, there are tulip gardens, a slide, camp sites, and other recreation facilities.

You can enjoy picnics as well as other activities such as campfires, dancing, sports games.

It is necessary to make reservations for camping.
Futopia Park Information Office
Business hours: 8:30 to 16:30
Toyoma Shinrin (Forest) Park PageTop
Toyoma Shinrin (Forest) Park

The park is filled with lots of beautiful nature. There are boardwalks for a stroll, wooden play structures, cottages, camp sites and other camping facilities. In summer, not only children but many adults come to the park to stay or to enjoy outdoor activities, sports, and camping .

For more information, contact Toyoma Forest Owners Association
Business hours: 10:00 to 15:00
Lodging hours: From the evening to 10:00 a.m.

To the official homepage of Toyoma Forest Owners Association
Mitakido Fureai Park (Towa) PageTop
Mitakido Fureai Park

The park is located near the middle reaches of the Ozeki River, and is a good place for outdoor cooking and camping.

All through the year, this park is visited by many people from all over Miyagi as well as the local people of Tome. The park is a great place for children to come and play. The park is a great place for children to play, owing to a large play set and open space to accommodate people of all ages.

Genjibotaru Habitat
Green Camp Nakada / Cycling Road  (Nakada) PageTop
Green Camp Nakada

Green Camp Nakada is a good place for outdoor activities including camping. It is surrounded with lots of nature. Twenty camping tents, cooking places, and fire pits are available.

Open: From May to October
Charge: 420 yen (per night)
210 yen (a day's visit)
Registration Office
Cycling Road Cycling Road (Nakada)

This road is specially reserved for cycling, and runs a length of 8.2km. It is a very comfortable ride passing many wild flowers and other greenery. Bicycle rental is available.

Open: 9:00 to 17:00
Nakada Cycling Center
Close: Saturdays and Sundays (from December to March)
Emisawa Shizen Park  (Toyosato) PageTop
Emisawa Shizen Park

There is a hill in the center of Toyosato commanding a fine view of the town, and on the hill top, we have a beautiful park with 300 cherry and chestnut trees. In fall, there are many chestnuts to pick.

Emisawa Park is one of the top 100 sightseeing spots in Miyagi.

Byodonuma Community Nature Education Seminar House (Toyosato) PageTop
Byodonuma Community Nature Education Seminar House

In the exhibition room of the house, antiques and tools of daily life are exhibited. An old fashioned fireplace is also reproduced and exhibited. Important historical artifacts such as the wood-curving kitchen god are on display year-round.

There are study rooms, exhibition rooms and Japanese-style study rooms in the seminar house, and these are all open for use. From the terrace on the first floor and the balcony on the second floor, it is possible to observe wild birds and aquatic plants, and also enjoy seasonal view changes. The seminar house was opened in March, 2007.

Business hours: 10:00 to 16:00
Close: over the new year period (usually from December 28 to January 4)
Byodonuma Fureai Park (Yoneyama) PageTop
Byodonuma Fureai Park

Byodonuma, a marsh on the boundary between Toyosato and Yoneyama, is encircled with beautiful natural growing trees and flowers. In spring, you can see cherry blossoms; in summer,water lilies and lotus flowers; and in fall, the changing color of the leaves. trees change into a vivid color. In winter, migratory birds, such as swans, fly in from far north. The park is an elegant and beautiful site to visit.

Yoneyama B & G Ocean Center

Byodonuma Fureai Park

On holidays, Byodonuma presents a lively scene as people fish for the Herabuna.

Byodonuma Fureai Park

Byodonuma is a popular place for Herabuna Fishing. Herabuna is a kind of small fish.

Chacha World Ishikoshi (Ishikoshi) PageTop
Chacha World Ishikoshi

Chacha World is an amusement park for all ages. Chacha World is full of flowers and greenery everywhere. There are hydrangea gardens, azalea gardens, and cherry blossom rows. Visitors are welcomed year-round. There are also boardwalks, picnic sites, sports facilities and a race track for children, and other playground facilities.

Chacha World is fun for the whole family.

Operating Hours: 9:00 to 17:00
9:30 to 16:00 (from October to December)
Close: Tuesdays (or the following day if Tuesday is a public holiday)
Admission fee: 320 yen (adult), 110 yen (child), Free (preschool children)
Chacha World Ishikoshi Chacha World Ishikoshi
Hanashobu no Sato Park (Minamikata) PageTop
Hanashobu no Sato Park Outdoor Art Museum

Hanashobu is a kind of Japanese iris. The park is about 5 hectares in area.

You can see 800,000 Japanese irises of 300 kinds.

Open: 9:00 to 16:30
Close: Mondays
Hanashobu no Sato Park Office
Tome City Hall Minamikata Branch Office
Mokumoku Land  (a rest stop and souvenir store)(Tsuyama) PageTop
Mokumoku Land  (a rest stop and souvenir store)

Tsuyama is famous for its cedar trees, and is said to be the village of woodcrafts. There are very famous craftsmen living in Tsuyama and their skills are highly admired all over Japan. The original woodworks are carefully made by those craftsmen.

Mokumoku Land is the symbol and center of woodcraft industry in Tsuyama. At the same time, it is visited by many local people and tourists. It is possible for the visitors to buy pieces made by the highly talented craftsmen, as well as other local products.

Mokumoku Land has play-ground, souvenir stores, and restaurants, and places to rest.

Operating Hours: 9:00 to 17:00
Close: From December 30 to January 1.

To the official homepage of Mokumoku Land.
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