Satoru and Friends
Constructive Art


Introduction of Works of Art in the Collection of the Satoru Sato Art Museum

サトル・サトウの作品  Satoru Sato's Works

Satoru Sato's Works

The museum has his 350 works produced over 44 years of his career.
Overseas Artists' Works

Overseas Artists' Works

The museum is enriched by 255 pieces by about 140 overseas artists.

Environment Art

Environment Art

Molding artist Satoru Sato has also produced many works to be installed outside, like sculpture, which are called works of environment art.  These pieces are located at various places such as schools and parks in Tome City.


Satoru Sato Art Museum:
 43 Tate Uwanuma Nakada Tome City in Miyagi
Tome City Community Education Center in Nakada 3 F